Miliband Asked about Future Plans

Posted by Rob Jones on 26th Jan 10

As the general elections in the United Kingdom draw closer many are wondering if the Labour Party is going to be able to climb out from under the massive lead the Tories currently enjoy in the polls.  A leak from the Labour side let the country know that the general elections are very likely to [...]

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Election Talk Focuses on Economy and Debt

Posted by Michael Bond on 20th Jan 10

The global economy that put the world in a credit crunch is still continuing to plague the United Kingdom.  One of the reasons that the United Kingdom has taken longer to pull out of the recession is because of a staggering government debt. The credit crunch was caused largely by banks and credit card companies [...]

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Labour Starting to Gain Ground in Polls

Posted by Steven Allen on 5th Jan 10

As the general elections in the United Kingdom come nearer the two main political parties are in a heated war of words to try to gain support from voters.  It had long been though the continued economic recession in the United Kingdom coupled with the escalation of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that [...]

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Conservative Lead Holds in Recent Polls

Posted by Lucy Walters on 4th Jan 10

Since the general elections are less than a year away the polling has already begun to see who is the most popular party in the United Kingdom.  Both parties have been doing their part to drum up support for what will likely be the key issues of the election.  The Tories have been proposing all [...]

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Violence Among Youngest on the Rise

Posted by Steven Allen on 1st Jan 10

There is widespread dissent about whether or not childhood violence has gone up over the last few decades.  Although studies seem to disagree about whether children are more violent now than they were in the past, many believe that violent television shows, movies, and video games have led to children being desensitized to violence, which [...]

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Brown Tries to Promote Labour Party

Posted by Kim Newbold on 1st Jan 10

As the general elections in the United Kingdom get closer both the Labour and Conservatives are stepping up their propaganda machines in an attempt to win over the voters of the UK.  Although most people speculate that the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with the poor economy has doomed the Labour Party to [...]

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Gordon Brown to Face Iraq Inquiry

Posted by Lucy Walters on 29th Dec 09

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq there has been large scale dissent about whether or not the war was legal and whether all of the evidence presented, or not presented, to the public was done so in the correct manner.  Even though the war started under the leadership of George W. Bush and [...]

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Brown Decides to Keep Tax Relief for Childcare

Posted by Lucy Walters on 8th Dec 09

As the general elections draw near both the Conservative and Labour parties are doing their best to win over the voters of the United Kingdom.  As the Labour party is currently unpopular it has a lot more to do than the opposition if it wants to remain in power.  Over the last few weeks the [...]

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Seventy Percent Tax Rate Suggested

Posted by Steven Allen on 7th Dec 09

People have argued about taxes since the first time they were levied.  Feelings vary about the amount of taxes people should be required to pay, with some believing the rich should be taxed more to subsidize programs for the poor, while others believe in a flat tax that taxes each person at the same rate.  [...]

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Peter White Attacks Queen on Facebook

Posted by Michael Bond on 20th Nov 09

Even though the British monarchy serves only ceremonial and symbolic purposes in the modern world, the Queen still remains one of the most popular people in the United Kingdom and the world.  Although there is a minority who think that the British royalty are spoiled and lazy most people still admire the contributions that the [...]

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