Some Unconventional Twitter Advice

Posted by Chris Garrett on 30th Sep 09

It’s getting a little silly now … Make a fortune with Twitter!! Grow your followers by gajillions a day!!! ZOMG! Secret Ninja Twitter System Runs On Autopilot!!!!!! Well I have to say, I have done my research … and these “systems” are junk. Do they work to increase your follower count? Yes. I have checked [...]

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"This article is spot on! I'm very particular about who I follow, and while it means I don't have a ton of followers, I feel that I have a much more meaningful relationship with them. If all we're doing is auto-following and unfollowing, then what's the point?

Unlock Your PDF Content for a Visibility Boost

Posted by Chris Garrett on 22nd Sep 09

In social media we are told that it is all about the content. Content is King! Content really is a large part of our success in social media, but it is not the only thing. We have to be clever about the content we create, how we create it, where we put it and most [...]

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Kieron Donoghue Affiliate Interview

Posted by Chris Garrett on 21st Jul 09

Today I got the opportunity to grill Kieron Donoghue about his affiliate empire, his addiction to Spotify, and his love of automobiles …  Q: You are a well known face in the affiliate scene. For those who do not know you though, please share some information about who you are and what you do? I’ve been an [...]

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What’s the Future of Social Networking?

Posted by David Davies on 15th Jul 09

It’s easy to get carried away…. Perhaps, in the future, we will all wear cameras on our heads, emblazoned with our social network of choice. We will be like clans, and people will be able to watch us walk about on their computers, and the cameras will have built-in speakers which anyone can access from [...]

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